Our Area of Work

Biz Brand Solutions helps companies, institutions, and organizations discover their authentic story and find their true voice.
We aim to make every brand we touch clear, compelling, and consistent so that over time they become better known, better understood, and truly unique.
We focus our talents in five areas that greatly affect quality of life and economic impact: Agriculture, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Education, community, e-commerce, Energy etc.

Real Estate

In the hyper-driven world of advertising, literally nothing has escaped the phenomenon of 'branding.' In the world of real estate development, whole question of how important builders' brand names are on the property market should be examined in greater detail. It's creating value.


From patient care to medical insurance, the healthcare industry continues to evolve. But as clinical and precise as healthcare can be, it's rooted in an incredibly human concept: care. When we demonstrate this, the entire experience is improved. It's about earning trust.


It's not about spending more or shopping with abandon. It's about putting clarity, information, and meaning behind our purchases. That means making easy for consumers to find what they want creating connections that make them feel good about their choices. It's about making smart decisions.


Today the choices of where, how, and what a person studies are endless. Institutions of all shapes, sizes, and statures must define what they stand for and what sets them apart to attract the right kind of student-and resources-they need to thrive. It's about creating relevance.

About Us

We work at the intersection of brand and digital, helping ambitious leaders define and express what makes their business truly essential.

In today's process-hungry world, complexity and over complication seem to govern the way most organizations operate. At Biz Brand Solutions, we believe the biggest opportunities can be realized, and the most complex challenges can be solved by using a powerful combination of simplicity, common sense and determination.

A brand is much more than a logo, a website, or a marketing plan. It is an ecosystem powered by all the things you represent. A cohesive message. A well-told story. An idea transformed into an experience. We're not into shortcuts or magic formulas. We champion an enduring commitment to hard work, never hesitating to explore possibility through a well-defined process.

LAUNCH for Start-Ups

Designed specially to drive

Concepts to revenue.


CATALYST for Enterprise Clients

Fuel growth and expansion

in mature businesses.


Our Portfolio

We create practical value for purposeful brands. We uncover insights, develop strategies, and design & execute solutions to bring new ideas, brands and products to market.
Our work is informed by real people and inspired by our fascination for understanding what makes communities and companies tick.

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Our Skills

We look closely at brands.

Look at the market. Then, look at them again…



The first step to building a brand is understanding it. Uniting passion with purpose, we'll collaborate, brainstorm, research, ask questions, share ideas, dream big, plan wisely, and create with intent. With clarity and focus, we'll confidently dive into our creative and strategic work en route to developing a cohesive and memorable brand.


From a sound strategy to a memorable logo, from an engaging website to an effective print piece – this is where we get our hands dirty and make magic happen. We organize, design, and develop through a collaborative process focusing on a progression from concept to creation – ensuring we stay aligned with your vision and distinct brand identity.


Like an ice-cold pint of beer on a hot summer day, the finished product is a refreshing reward. Ah, yes, this is where it all comes together. Equipped with a compelling brand platform, a clear identity, and a confident vision, your brand will be positioned well for long-term success. We're here to act as your branding partners-in-crime as you continue to evolve, providing guidance, wisdom, and creative support when and where you need it.


A culmination of words that USUALLY make a lot of sense.

We don't just tell a story, we declare it. Here are world class Bloggers, Branding & Marketing experts' articles on various sites and we are honored to have them here as a learning exercise for viewers.

Meet our team

Creative brains

In any industry, people behind a company are as important as the company itself. We do have such important associates in Biz Brand Solution. Have a look at them...





Kavya Vunnam

Creative & Communication


Ravi Kumar

Lead Designer


We have rich experience in the areas that greatly affect quality of life and economic impact: Agriculture, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Education, e-commerce, Renewable energy etc.
Some of our clients to get 360 degrees branding solution from Biz Brand.

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Our studio is tucked away in Begumpet, Hyderabad, India, and we're easy to get a hold of, whether you're across town or across the country. Let's talk strategy. Design trends. Favorite brands and how we can improve yours. Just drop us a line or swing on by. And if you happen to be on wheels, roll them right in.

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Whether you'd like to do business with us or simply know what is our name's significance (it's Business and Branding solutions), we're more than happy to have a conversation.

Mahender .K



If you're looking for a subject matter expert, or just want to learn more about how we can support your thought leadership, we'd love to talk.

Kavya Vunnam



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